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A taste of Space Cat – 20 Year Anniversary Album


Track List:
1. Cat On Mushroom - The Fly (LOUD Feat Space Cat Remake)
2. Cat On Mushroom - Exposed (Lish Feat Space Cat Remake)

Artist: Cat On Mushroom
Title: The Remakes
Label: Trancelucent Productions
Cat. No.: TPDEP011
Format: Digital Download - MP3 / WAV
Territory: Worldwide
Style: Psy Trance / Progressive Trance

Release information:
Cat On Mushroom is the legendary past collaboration project of Psy Trance legends Space & Infected Mushroom.
This excellent act formulated some a few psychedelic trance diamonds which will forever remain relevant and eternal. Dating back to the end of the previous millennium and the beginning of this millennium, 1999-2000, The Fly & Expose our 2 of our favorites.
Producer Avi Algranati is part of the small group of musicians which founded the Global Psychedelic Trance movement.
An active musician for over 2 decades Avi has impacted the global trance scene tremendously releasing eternal music under various solo acts and collaboration acts including his main act Space Cat, Avi Algranati, Cat on Mushroom (with Infected Mushroom), Alien Vs. the Cat (With Alien Project), Indoor (With Marko Goren, Ofer Dikovsky), Phreaky (with Dino Psaras, Marko Goren, Ofer Dikovsky, Steve Ronan), Inner Reflextions (With Joe Quinteros), Inscape (With Marko Goren & Ofer Dikovsky), Sound Pollution (With Marko Goren & Ofer Dikovsky), Tripster (With Dino Psaras & Steve Ronan).
We are delighted to announce the launch of Space Cat - 20 Year Anniversary world tour and present this sizzling HOT Tribute album featuring remixes by some of the greatest acts roaming planet earth.
Here is a wholesome taste of the full upcoming album featuring these 2 massive remakes produced by LOUD & Lish Featuring the master himself Space Cat. Enjoy!

Space Cat – 20 Year Anniversary Album consists of 9 mind-blowing manipulations and will be released on the 22nd of September 2014 | Additional information will be published soon!!!

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